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Korean BBQ Restaurant

Wang Cho Korean BBQ Restaurant is here to give you fantastic service with top-notch quality meat from beginning to end.

our story

The story about Wang Cho Korean BBQ Restaurant

Behind the meaning to our business name, ``Wang Cho(왕초)``, it is a Korean slang meaning the leader. That is why we have incorporated it in our name because we strive to be the leader in Korean BBQ Restaurant serving our customers only the top Korean BBQ cuts and top customer experience.

Our Mission

Our mission is to offer our customers an authentic Korean BBQ experience like no other. Sourcing only top quality meat and ingredients, our customers’ satisfaction is our top priority.

Korean BBQ

Wang Cho Korean BBQ’s experience is fun for all. No matter what your party enjoys – Korean BBQ hits the spot for everyone. We just don’t have beef, we also have quality pork, chicken, and seafood. Not to mention it is All You Can Eat.

Expericence and food

With the grill right at your table, you are the chef and set the tempo! Your party can cook their meat – just the way they like – tender or extra crispy. Come and enjoy All You Can Eat Korean BBQ & All You Can Eat Seafood and see why people love our Korean BBQ Restaurant.


Your Favorite Korean BBQ


Conveniently situated in Chino Spectrum Towne Center, our location provides a perfect dining experience for gatherings with friends, and family, or a date night.

Our Riverside, located in the Riverside Plaza, location offers an exceptional dining experience, where you can grill “All You Can Eat” KBBQ till your heart desires.

Join us at our Santa Ana restaurant either after shopping at South Coast Plaza or a day at Newport Beach. Perfect for family night, friends hangout, and large group dining.