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Wang Cho

KBBQ Menu Santa Ana


All-You-Can-Eat KBBQ Menu

Wang Cho Korean BBQ offers 3 different AYCE KBBQ Menu that is curated to satisfy any cravings whether you are looking for AYCE BBQ or AYCE Seafood. We are known being one of the best KBBQ restaurant near Irvine and Costa Mesa for our quality authentic KBBQ cuts and for our great service. Whether you want to BBQ inside or BBQ outside, you can enjoy the Santa Ana KBBQ menu in our large indoor seating or outdoor seating.

  • Kids under 3 years old eat free, and 4-8 years old 50% off from reg. price
  • Price and menu items can vary depending on the location
  • 2-hour limit

Santa Ana KBBQ Menu 3 Packages To Choose

Bottle Beer

(12 oz) 5-6
Angry Orchard, Modelo, Corona,
Heineken, Dos xx, Coors Light
(22 oz) 9
Sapporo Terra (500ml)  

Draft Beer

Sapporo, Blue Moon, Modelo  


Sake Bomb  
Hot Sake 8
Cold Sake : Ginjo / Nigori 16


Charmsoon Soju 10
Chamesul 14
Flavored Soju Bottles(Strawberry, Green Grape, Grapefruit, Plum) 15
Soju Cocktail glass 8
White Peach, Green Apple, Lychee pitcher 20


House Red & House White 10
Premium wine list available, please ask your server or bartender for details  

Korean Traditional Wine

Kooksoondang Ssal Makgeoli 11
Bekseju 13
iCing (White Grape/Grapefruit) 6
Myungjak Rasberry Wine 16


Soda 3.50
Juice 4
S. Pellegrino/Perrier 4.50
Soda Water  2.50
Hot Tea 2.50


Cheese Cake Piece 3.50
  Whole 28
Macaroon Ice Cream 3.50
Strawberry, Mango, Coffee, Green Tea, Vanilla   

Best Beaches. Best Shopping. Best KBBQ

Our KBBQ is near Newport Beach and South Coast Plaza. So enjoy the best beaches and the best shopping, then treat yourself to the best KBBQ spot. We serve authentic quality Korean BBQ cuts and we are known for our exceptional service. Korean BBQ is the best dinner idea place for large group dining, corporate parties, date night, and birthday dinners.

Our Hours

Sun-Thur 11:30am – 10:00pm
Fri-Sat      11:30am – 11:00pm

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