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Ssam 쌈

Ssam (쌈), meaning "wrapped", is a Korean Dish where you wrap your favorite meat and condiments in a bite size with a leafy vegetable

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What's your favorite AYCE Korean BBQ bite?

Ssam (쌈) can be done any way you like. Everyone has a favorite perfect bite that they want to capture in one bite, Ssam (쌈) is the way Koreans try to get everything we love about Korean BBQ in one bite.

Ssam (쌈) is like?

Ssam (쌈) is a healthy way to enjoy Korean BBQ, reminding us to eat our greens with our meats. Ssam is basically like a Korean lettuce wrap tacos – just bite size.

Different types of Korean Wrasps:

  • Baechu ssam (배추쌈), wrapped with napa cabbage leaf
  • Chwi ssam (취쌈), wrapped with chwinamul
  • Eossam (어쌈), wrapped with thin fish filet
  • Gimssam (김쌈), wrapped with gim, seaweed
  • Gotgam ssam (곶감쌈), wrapped with dried persimmon
  • Hobakip ssam (호박잎쌈), wrapped with pumpkin leaf
  • Jeonbok ssam (전복쌈), wrapped with sliced and soaked dried abalone
  • Kimchi ssam (김치쌈), wrapped with kimchi
  • Kkaenip ssam (깻잎쌈), wrapped with perilla leaf
  • Milssam (밀쌈), wrapped with a thin crepe made from wheat flour
  • Muneo ssam (문어쌈), wrapped with sliced octopus
  • Po’ssam (포쌈), wrapped with seasoned raw beef
  • Sangchu ssam (상추쌈), wrapped with lettuce
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